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AMC signs a cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital
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AnqingMedicalCollege(AMC),Dec.22, 2020:On Dec.22, Anqing Medical College signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital.

Yang Jinkui, secretaryof AMC CPC committeeandQin Huanlong,president ofShanghai Tenth People’s Hospital signed and exchanged the agreement.

The signing ceremony was witnessed byvicepresidentof AMCZhu Qingfeng,AMCCPCcommitteemember Zhu Sanjiu, theheadsand relatedworkersfromtheClinical MedicineDepartment ofAMCand Anqing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (theaffiliated hospitalof AMC), and the heads of relevant departmentsfrom ShanghaiTenthPeople’sHospital.

According to the relevant provisions of the agreement, Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital will provideAnqing Medical College and Anqing Traditional Medicine Hospitalwithsubstantialsupport and guidance insuch aspects aspersonnel training, joint scientific research,hospital management, internship and employment.

This move is an important measure forAMCto actively implement the national “Yangtze River Delta Integration” strategyto get integratedinto the Yangtze River Deltaand seekhigh-quality developmentat theturning point ofthe 13th Five-Year Plan and the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is helpful to improve the education, teaching, diagnosis and treatment level ofAnqing Medical College and thedirectly affiliated hospitalof Anqing Medical College.

The Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai is the affiliated hospital of Tongji University. Itenjoysa history of110 years, multiple nationalbrands and Shanghai brands,The hospital’shigh-quality and efficient internal operation and management embodiesitspublic welfarenature,fully mobilizes the enthusiasm ofthemedicalstaffandensures the sustainability ofthe hospital’sdevelopment.(Translated by:Gao Xu; Photo by:Zhu Sanjiu )

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