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AMC holds the first "Curriculum Ideological and Political Education" Teaching Contest for Young Teachers
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Anqing Medical College(AMC),Dec.7, 2020:In order to further promote the teaching reform of“Curriculum Ideology and PoliticsEducation”, create a batch of“Curriculum Ideology and Political Education”model classes, and encouragetheteachers to assume the main responsibility of curriculum ideology and political education,the first "Curriculum Ideological and PoliticalEducation" Teaching Contestfor Young Teacherswas successfully held on Dec.15 at the first lecture hallin AMC.AMC CPCCommitteeSecretary Yang Jinkui,Principal Yao Wenbing,thedepartment heads,theassistantsto the department heads,the departmentteaching secretaries andthedirectors oftheteaching and research sections watched the contest which washosted by the Academic Affairs Officeof AMC.

Yang Jinkui made a mobilization speech before thecontest. He pointed out that holding the "Curriculum Ideological and PoliticalEducation" teaching contestwasto implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities, tocarry outthe fundamental task of moralityeducationin colleges and universities, andthe contestwasone of the important measures tofacilitatethe "Three-wideEducation".He asked the teachers to strive to detectthe ideological and political elementsin the professional courses so as to achievethe unity of "knowledge imparting" and"value guidance"andthe integration of"teaching"and"Education" .He hoped the contestants to display their teaching skills as well as their elegant demeanor.

The competitionwasdivided into two stages: preliminary and final. The preliminary competitionwasorganized by each department and 15 contestantswereselected to participate in the final. The finalwasdivided into two parts: teaching design and on-site lectures. The contestantseachconducted20-minute on-site lectures based on the “Curriculum Ideological and PoliticalEducation” teaching design plan.The expert judges will score on-site in terms of teaching design, implementation, effects, teacher quality and innovation characteristics. .

After nearly 6 hours of intense competition,Teacher Yang Ying from the Department of Pharmacy won the first prize ; 3 contestants including Hu Yingqun won the second prize; 6 contestants including Zhang Yuanyuan won the third prizeandthe restwon an award of excellence.

Yao Wenbing presented awards to the winners andmadetheconclusionspeech.He fully affirmed the performance of the contestants and the working attitude of the expert judges, and looked forward to taking this contestas an opportunity to promote the "curriculum ideological and politicaleducation" in ourcollege, create a batch of "curriculum ideological and politicaleducation" demonstration classes, andform ourownfeatures in implementingcurriculum ideological and politicaleducation so asto achieve the fundamental task ofmoral education.

Asa representative of the judges, Mr. Yu Zongyin, a member of thecollegesupervision team, gave wonderful comments on the performance of the contestants and made suggestions on how to integrate ideological and political elements with professional courses. (Translated by: Gao Xu;Photo: Huang Jianbin)

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