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Three Students of AMC Win Prizes in 2019 Anhui Skills Contest of Vocational Colleges
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Anqing Medical College (AMC), April 3, 2019: During March 30 to 31, the nursing skills contest affiliated to the Skills Contest of Anhui Vocational Colleges in 2019 was held in Anhui Medical College and three contestants from AMC competed with the other 63 rivals from 20 peer colleges across Anhui Province.
This nursing skills contest is clinic-oriented, requiring the contestants to provide continuous and scientific nursing for “patients” in accordance with the procedures of clinical position of nursing. And the contest consists of two evaluating rooms: the health evaluation room and the emergency room. In the former, contestants have to take the written exams theoretically and in the latter, they are supposed to carry out three nursing operations: CPR, intravenous infusion using an indwelling needle and tracheotomy care or gastric catheterization in three contest rooms respectively, which tests the contestants’ knowledge application, clinical thinking, executive capacity of skills manipulation, ability of communication, analyzing and solving problems as well as team work and humanistic qualities. As a result of smooth performances, Qu Huanfang ranked the second and Liu Lingling, Wang Bing the third.
Skills contest has long been seen as a wind vane, eliciting the reforms in vocational education. This time, the participation and winning prizes in the contest will undoubtedly bring about great impetus to the reform of talent-cultivation model and the construction of specialized curriculum, that is, “the Cooperation between College and Enterprises; the Combination of Engineering and Learning”, which is AMC’s pursuit in nursing education; and at the same time, highlight the direction of reform in vocational nursing education: employment-oriented, industry-hinged, skills-intensified and over-quality-emphasized; further standardize the nursing operation and teaching in all aspects and cement the relationship between theory and practice, all of which will balance the objectives of talent-cultivation and the requirements of clinical nursing practice and realize the close linkage between the nursing education and clinical positions.
(Translated by Tu Houhong) 

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